Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome to 'Check in. Or carry on.'

In a world with nifty software like blogger available free of charge, a reliable Internet connection is all that separates the media from the masses. That makes me really proud to hold the never-used journalism degree I earned at considerable expense. While I was busy dreaming of winning a Pulitzer prize for an imagined article I'd never written, I should have been brainstorming a technology like Twitter - and using it to scoop the traditional press. Who knew?

In the not too distant future, businesses and consumers will connect in ways that seem unimaginable today. And I plan to be in-the-know -- a futurist whose words are of unparalleled wisdom. Rather than dreaming about having the most fans on Facebook (surely the soon-to-be equivalent of a Pulitzer), my colleagues, clients and I will already have moved on to the next big thing.

All of us at KLM (and hopefully you, too) plan to use this blog to post thoughts and observations about the world around us as it relates to marketing and life in general. So please, check in when you can, share what you wish, and carry on with your day.

PS: If you're looking for KLM Airlines, the number is 800-225-2525. Ask for Candace - she's the best.

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