Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adwords. To go.

One of the newest offerings you’ll find with Google AdWords is the ability to start having your ads appear on mobile phones.

Pretty cool, eh?

But before you start targeting your PPCs to the on-the-go audience, ask (or text) yourself the following questions:

Are your ads mobile ready? Google will only show your ad if your landing page/site is adapted for viewing on mobile phone screens.

If you sell stuff online, can customers enter billing/credit card information securely?

Is your display URL for your mobile ads over 20 characters? If so, you need to edit it down. And .com, .net, or .org counts as 4 characters already - so you only have 16 left to play with.

If you cleared the above hurdles, keep this in mind: Tracking conversions from the mobile market is very difficult. A significant percentage of mobile browsers don’t support cookies. (The mobile browsers that DO accept cookies have a shorter shelf life than that found on computers.) And since cookies are what help advertisers track who converts – and who doesn’t – this little hiccup can skew your ROI findings.

Granted, the mobile AdWords offering is new out of the gate. It’s bound to become more flexible –and I’m sure the tracking and technology to grow by leaps and bounds.

But these days with budgets being tight, it may be best to put this new feature on hold and use the money to further your existing CPC efforts.