Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Key words or key messages?

Creative strategies, input briefs, strategy statements....they're known by different names, used by everyone in the business and frequently a bit too formulaic for my taste. Like all agencies, we have a Creative Strategy template that reflects our way of thinking and working. But it isn't written in stone. We get smarter with experience, and so does our Creative Strategy template.

Inspired by Aaron Kahlow's talk at the Online Marketing Summit earlier this year, we've removed retooled the key message section to focus on key words.

Why? Positioning your content according to how people search for information (and making sure they find you when they do) is much more valuable than a marketing message based on our idea of what people want to hear. Thinking in key words keeps us thinking like customers. And customers don't care about our products or services. All they care about is what's in it for them.

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